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NFL season 2019/20 – travel analysis

NFL season 2019/20 – travel analysis

One of the other variables we’ve looked at are the travel schedules of the respective teams.

Some teams will have a small advantage, given the geographic spread of their division, but there is also a degree of luck depending on which divisions are scheduled to face one another, or otherwise, end up playing in one of the international games.

Obviously professional sporting teams are familiar with the rigors of travel and don’t have to battle away like most people, in coach, but all the same, the travel commitments can create relative advantages/disadvantages.

The team with the most favorable schedule this year is the Jets, who have to less in their eight away games than any team traveling to play in London this year.

On the flip side, the Raiders have a stretch where they travel 1572, 1934, 3948, Bye, 1823, 1631 in consecutive weeks – that is an utterly horrific stretch, even with a bye week thrown in the mix.

While the full 32 team rankings are in the graphic below, here are the best and worst travel schedules in terms of miles traveled:

Best / lowest travel commitments: Jets 3392, Giants 4027, Bills 4289, Redskins 4690, Patriots 5061

Worst / highest travel commitments: Raiders 16240, Rams 15032, Chargers 13937, Seahawks 13758, 49ers 12773.

The full breakdown is in the graphics below:

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