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NFL strength of schedule per team (All)

NFL strength of schedule per team (All)

CG Sportsbooks caught a lot of people off guard, including us, by releasing their NFL season win totals at the end of March.

As plenty of keen observers will note, season win totals are a much more accurate way to calculate each teams strength of schedule, rather than relying on the previous seasons win totals.

It should be noted that this a first cut of these numbers and that they will shift around as weight of money starts to move these win totals, and also other events, such as the upcoming draft.

In terms of the overall analysis, it may not come as a shock that the Patriots again have the easiest schedule, although there are (usually) at least couple of contributing factors to this, namely:

  1. They have six divisional games (total) against three opponents that are all expected to finish in the bottom 10 in terms of season wins.
  2. They don’t have to play themselves – hence avoiding at least one difficult opponent.

At the other end of the spectrum are the Houston Texans. Unfortunately for them they are in the tough AFC South division, as well as coming up against the Patriots, Saints and Ravens among others.

Here is the run down for all 32 teams:

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