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Schedule breakdown – Pittsburgh Steelers

Photographer: Shelley Lipton/Icon Sportswire

Schedule breakdown – Pittsburgh Steelers

The Steelers look to have one of the easier schedules this season.

Based on our line projections, their toughest game will be the first, when they travel to Foxborough to face the reigning Super Bowl winners, although strangely enough that might be a little fortuitous, as they face the ‘September’ Patriots, which is generally considered to be the best time to meet them:

Here is our high-level split:

Schedule rank: 8th easiest

Schedule – home rank: 12th easiest

Schedule – away rank: 15th easiest

Schedule – travel rank: 17th ‘easiest’

Breaking out their schedule into four x four-game chunks, we consider their toughest run to be in the period of Weeks 10-13. In this period they play the Rams, Browns, Bengals, and Browns (again).

The Rams game, in particular, is likely to be a huge clash, but fortunately, the Steelers meet them off a run of three consecutive home games (and a bye), so they should be rearing to go for that one!  

Conversely, we think their last four regular games are their easiest, as they meet the Cardinals (away), Bills (home), Jets (away), and Ravens (away). We expect they’ll start favorite in three of those games, with the Ravens game being the only one where they are expected to be underdogs.

As touched on above, their travel schedule is middle of the pack. What makes it a little different however is that the large majority of their travel is consumed in the three games where they visit the west coast to play the 49ers (Week 3), Chargers (Week 6) and the Cardinals (Week 4).

Aside from those weeks, their longest trip is in Week 1, where they make the relatively short trip to Foxborough.

The bookmakers have the Steelers win total at nine this season, with the ‘over’ slightly favored at present.

If they can navigate the 6 weeks before the bye successfully and are say 4-2, you’d think they are a pretty good chance to get to the nine or ten win mark.

More detail about their schedule is in the graphic below:

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