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Season win totals – recent moves

Season win totals – recent moves

A few weeks back we posted a summary of how the NFL season totals were moving around relative to when we first posted them in mid to late May.

We’ve gone and reviewed them again to see whether there was any noticeable action in the market, but not surprisingly things were fairly stable.

Notwithstanding the above comment, here were the more prominent moves (focusing on the over for simplicity):

Bills – shortened the over (6.5 or 7) at Betcris, Fanduel and Caesars. Others were stable.

Browns – the over (9 or 9.5) drifted in all shops aside from Caesars, who bucked the trend and firmed them slightly.

Cowboys – the over (9) drifted at Betcris, Draftkings and Caesars. Others were stable.

Lions – shortened the over (6.5 everywhere now) at Betcris, Fanduel and Draftkings. Others were stable. Draftkings moved into line with the other operators moving from 6 to 6.5.

Texans – the over (8.5) drifted at all shops, although not dramatically (2-3% generally).

Jaguars – another team where the over (8) drifted everywhere aside from Fanduel (the only shop still at 7.5) who firmed them slightly.

Rams – the over (10.5) drifted at all shops, with Fanduel being the most pronounced going from even money to +125. (the NFC West has seen the most movement of all divisions)

Patriots – the over (11) continues to firm slightly, with Pinnacle, Betcris and Draftkings all headed that way. Caesars did buck the trend, however, drifting the over very slightly.

Raiders – the over (6) firmed slightly at Pinnacle, Betcris, Draftkings and Caesars. Fanduel, the only book at 6.5, drifted slightly.

49ers – the over (8) firmed at Pinnacle, Betcris, Fanduel and Caesars. Draftkings were steady (7.5).

Seahawks – Betcris (9), Fanduel and Draftkings (both 8.5) all shortened. Pinnacle (8.5) bucked the trend and drifted them slightly, while Caesars were steady.

Buccaneers – the over (6.5) firmed at Pinnacle, Betcris and Fanduel, while it was steady at Draftkings and Caesars. Betcris moved back to 6.5 again from 6.

Titans – the over (7.5 or 8) firmed at Betcris, Fanduel and Caesars but was steady at the other shops.

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